Commit 2a1482ba authored by Patrick J Cherry's avatar Patrick J Cherry
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Fettle around fixing up the system units for symbiosis-skel

parent bf7748f8
......@@ -17,9 +17,12 @@
dh $@ --buildsystem=ruby --with ruby --with-systemd
dh_installinit symbiosis-skel.service
dh_installinit symbiosis-skel.path
# This service is called by symbiosis-skel.path, so no need to do
# anything other than install it.
dh_installinit --no-start --no-scripts --name symbiosis-skel
# GROSS HACK. dh_installinit doesn't seem to support systemd units
# other than service, so install it directly.
dh_install debian/symbiosis-skel.path lib/systemd/system/
dh_systemd_enable symbiosis-skel.path
dh_systemd_start symbiosis-skel.path
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