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1. Fix www-data rule to work for lists of IPs.
1. While we want stats to be enabled or disabled on a per-domain basis
we want the default action, with no need for user-intervention, to be
stat generation.
On that basis we will always create stats, unless:
a) The htdocs/ directory is empty.
b) The file /srv/ is present.
2. check for disk space and alert on low-usage.
3. The ability to manage / add IPs in a non-root stylee.
4. Ensure each package is IPv6 compatible.
Force it to run over SSL?
Pro: more secure.
Con: People will see self-signed warnings.
1. Fixup the SSL certificate for any additional IPs.
(#227001 has the problem and a solution.)
Cause mail to be rejected/deferred at SMTP time if the any forward
rules specify :fail: or :defer:.
Rename the forum from "virtual hosting users" -> "Symbiosis Users".
Nick documented django setup: #258941
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