Commit e9392458 authored by Steve Kemp's avatar Steve Kemp
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Simplified packaging.

parent 612241de
symbiosis-httpd-logger /usr/sbin
#!/usr/bin/make -f
export DH_VERBOSE=1
export DH_GOPKG := symbiosis-httpd-logger
include /usr/share/dpkg/
rm -f ./symbiosis-httpd-logger || true
go build ./symbiosis-httpd-logger.go
mkdir -p debian/tmp || true
cp symbiosis-httpd-logger debian/tmp
go build ./symbiosis-httpd-logger.go
mkdir -p debian/symbiosis-httpd-logger/usr/sbin || true
cp symbiosis-httpd-logger debian/symbiosis-httpd-logger/usr/sbindebian/tmp
dh $@
dh $@ --buildsystem=golang --with=golang
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