1. 11 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      common: Massive commits suck · 764ebd54
      Patrick J Cherry authored
      * Refactored symbiosis-ssl code into the library
      * Added tests to test this new code.
      * symbiosis-ssl tries to regain privs after creating the certs if it
        thinks it has them.
      * Changed what gets logged when a bit.  Stuff in the SSL validation
        checks is now only shown if $DEBUG is set.
      * The cache of available SSL sets is always emptied before rollover
      * The way available sets are sorted has changed to be done by expiry.
      * The symlink to current now uses the full path.
      * SSL sets are now kept in config/ssl/sets for neatness/namespace
      * CertificateSet#write drops privs if possible when creating a new set.
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  3. 07 Jan, 2016 2 commits
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      common: LetsEncrypt registration for a key now tested with an auth request · 69597bf7
      Patrick J Cherry authored
      There is no way to determine if an key is already registered with the
      server.  Previously we just registered and caught any errors, but it
      turns out that the Acme servers always return "Malformed" if there is
      any problem with the request at all (e.g. bad email address, key
      previously registered).  This means we can return a sane error to the
      user if the request fails, without parsing the error text.
      However if a key is not registered, the server will return Unauthorized
      when requesting a new challenge via new-authz, so we can use that to see
      if a key is valid or not.
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