Commit f38436a8 authored by Paul Cammish's avatar Paul Cammish
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Update sympl-mail-dovecot-sni to always reload doevcot

parent 04324142
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ done >> /dev/shm/sympl-mail-dovecot-sni.config
# Compare it with what's there already.
if [ -f "/etc/dovecot/sympl.d/10-main/60-sni" ]; then
if diff /dev/shm/sympl-mail-dovecot-sni.config /etc/dovecot/sympl.d/10-main/60-sni > /dev/null ; then
/usr/sbin/service dovecot reload
# Config has not changed, exiting.
exit 0
......@@ -39,10 +40,10 @@ fi
# Move the new config into place, make it and start it up
mv /dev/shm/sympl-mail-dovecot-sni.config /etc/dovecot/sympl.d/10-main/60-sni
cd /etc/dovecot
sudo make test
make test
sudo make > /dev/null
sudo /usr/sbin/service dovecot reload
make > /dev/null
/usr/sbin/service dovecot reload
if [ -f /dev/shm/ ]; then rm /dev/shm/; fi
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