Commit 18bd8ea2 authored by Paul Cammish's avatar Paul Cammish
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Merge branch 'revert-a4cc7574' into 'buster-testing'

Revert clamav fixes

See merge request sympl/sympl!169
parents a4cc7574 c13625f1
......@@ -14,20 +14,18 @@ fi
if [ $( grep -c public_ip /etc/hosts ) == 0 ]; then echo $(sympl-ip) public_ip >> /etc/hosts ; fi
# try a definiton update manually with the service stopped
service clamav-freshclam stop
service clamav-daemon stop
# enable antivirus in sympl and start the services
# remove any existing definations
touch /srv/$(hostname -f)/config/antivirus
# Start freshclam to download new definitions, whatever state it's in
systemctl unmask clamav-freshclam
service clamav-freshclam stop
rm -rf /run/clamav
service clamav-freshclam start
sleep 3
echo -n "I: Waiting for clamav to download/update databases."
echo -n "I: Waiting for clamav to download databases."
for i in $(seq 1 100) ; do
if [ -f "/var/lib/clamav/main.cvd" -o -f "/var/lib/clamav/main.cld" ] ; then
echo -n ' 1/3 '
......@@ -54,8 +52,19 @@ for i in $(seq 1 100) ; do
sleep 1
# horrible hack
if [ -f "/var/lib/clamav/bytecode.cvd" -o -f "/var/lib/clamav/bytecode.cld" ] && [ -f "/var/lib/clamav/daily.cvd" -o -f "/var/lib/clamav/daily.cld" ] && [ -f "/var/lib/clamav/main.cvd" -o -f "/var/lib/clamav/main.cld" ] ; then
echo "We have what look to be valid definitions..."
echo "Failed to download clamAV definitions, going to fallback."
cd /var/lib/clamav/
wget -qO clamav.tar.gz
tar -xvf clamav.tar.gz
# Start clamav, whatever state it's currently in
systemctl unmask clamav-daemon
service clamav-daemon stop
service clamav-daemon start
# Enable antispam and antivirus as default, otherwise monit would stop them.
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