1. 01 Apr, 2015 4 commits
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      httpd: Added test for bug 7593. · 27022240
      Patrick J Cherry authored
      This was already fixed, but this is a test to make sure it definitely
      Fixes #7953
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      Updated for new release · c58c8fbf
      Steve Kemp authored
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      merge · 8239ee74
      Steve Kemp authored
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      Fix off-by-one in hostname detection. · 1bbdb317
      Steve Kemp authored
      Our module is called when an internal request results in a file-not-found
      error.  At this point we kick in and try to update the virtual host to
      point to the first sensible one we find.   Unfortunately we had an error
      in the counting.
      Given two hosts:
      If a request came to the first site due to a rewrite from mod_rewrite, we'd
      be invoked because of the internal-404.  We'd then fixup the hostname and
      then mod_rewrite would fixup the path.
      however we started counting the hostname fro the first letter, such that
      would never be found.  So we'd always update the hostname to /srv/example.com
      and at that point mod_rewrite would correct the path and the request would
      go to the wrong vhost.
  2. 31 Mar, 2015 17 commits
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